How Acupuncture Helped My Dog


When my dog, Kato, started having seizures I called the vet. It was scary and sad to watch him thrashing on the floor, feeling like there was nothing I could do. The vet started a process of running tests and trying different medications, which didn’t work. It was heartbreaking! And with all of that, Kato’s seizures didn’t really get better. In fact, they seemed to get worse in both frequency and intensity.

After about a year of this cycle, I decided to give alternative treatments a try. I’d never heard of pet acupuncture before, so it was news to me that specialized vets existed to provide acupuncture to my dog. Kato was young and healthy otherwise, so I figured it was worth a shot.

At our first visit, Kato was more relaxed than I was. The vet quickly made friends with him while talking to me and getting Kato’s medical history. She then did a brief physical exam of Kato, including his tongue. Turns out the tongue can provide a lot of clues about what’s going on inside.

As the vet placed acupuncture needles at various locations all over Kato’s body, she explained to me that unlike the medications Kato’s traditional vet prescribed, acupuncture is meant to correct the imbalances within his body/brain that are causing the seizures. She went on to tell me that over time, it was possible to completely stop the seizures from happening. I admit, I was skeptical, but I was also desperate to help Kato so it was worth a shot.

After the needles were placed, we had Kato lie still for a while so they could work their magic. During that time, we also discussed the possibility of using herbs as an additional treatment method. Again, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it.

The results were astounding! After that first appointment, Kato’s seizures declined dramatically. After just a few months, they stopped entirely. Now, I get to play and hike with Kato knowing we’ll have many more happy, healthy years together. We still go back for regular acupuncture treatments to keep Kato’s body and brain in balance.

At Equine-Canine Wellness, we love stories like this one. Please contact us to learn how acupuncture can help your dog.

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