How Chiropractic Care Made my Horse More Fun to Ride


I remember the first time I got on my horse Miles. His gait was so smooth I felt like I was gliding. He took jumps like a champ and would transition from walk to trot to canter and back again with ease. I’m not sure exactly when it happened, or why, but one day, going over a jump in the ring, I realized the glide was gone.

Around the same time, I noticed while grooming him in the crossties that he seemed a little uncomfortable. Nothing too obvious, just a subtle something off in his stance. I checked his shoes and everything seemed fine. I called the vet, but they didn’t find anything that would explain the change in his gait, other than that he’s getting older.

Still…I missed that glide and it hurt me to see Miles looking uncomfortable. I started talking to other horse owners and riders around the barn where I board Miles. One of them suggested chiropractic care based on how it helped them personally. We chatted a bit about how she felt herself walking and sitting better, more comfortably as a result of seeing a human chiropractor.

I thought about it a bit. Although I’ve never personally seen a chiropractor, I know many people who have and get great results. So, decided to give it a shot. I figured it couldn’t hurt Miles and it probably had a decent shot of helping.

During the first visit with the veterinary chiropractor, I discovered that I’d misunderstood what Chiropractic does- it is not about moving bones back in place. Instead it’s about getting normal motion in between vertebrae where there are small joints. It is more about palpating the motion of the articular facet joints, restoring normal motion and integrating the central nervous system. It’s about finding the root of a problem and activating Miles’ own body to deal with them, rather than treating symptoms.

Miles has been getting regular chiropractic treatments for several months now. What a difference! That glide I so loved when I first rode him is coming back and he looks more comfortable standing in the crossties.

To find out how chiropractic care can help make your horse more fun to ride, contact me. I love to be a part of happy horses and owners enjoying their time together again.

*A fictional tale based on actual clients.

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